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We use complex marketing strategies & highly formulated methods to rapidly partner our clients with active investors to get them the funding they deserve to launch their blockchain-based project as fast as possible.

One of the main issues investors face is not knowing whether an upcoming or newly released business idea is a lucrative investment or an elaborate pyramid-style money trap.

CryptoBrew mitigates that risk by providing security to investors while at the same time helping to make blockchain technology more mainstream. By using the fundraising advantages of blockchain technology, we rapidly generate crowdfunding for all businesses, from the smallest of startups to the largest of international corporations.

We aim to help communities & businesses worldwide to access the investment opportunites they rightly deserve, from fully-fledged companies looking to expand but are unfamiliar with blockchain technology - to the budding entrepreneur who requires initial funds to kickstart their billion-dollar idea.

Normal investment methods are widely inaccessible and can take years to accomplish, we decimate the usual waiting times for funding and make geographical location, industry & personal credit irrelevant.

When it comes to starting your own blockchain-based project, there’s no such thing as approaching us too early. In fact the earlier we come on board, the better.

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Project Management

For businesses big & small.

When it comes to managing your own blockchain-based project, we have dedicated countless hours of our time to discover what works & what doesn’t when it comes to innovative brand acceleration so you don’t have to.

Scattered Coins


Crowdfunding for any project.

Initial Coin Offerings are a popular fundraising method used primarily by startups wishing to offer products and services.
ICOs are similar to an IPO except they offer holders some kind of utility for software, service, or product offered.

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Distribute shares while remaining in control.

Security Token Offerings are similar to an ICO except an investor is issued with a crypto coin or token which is pegged to an underlying asset representing their investment.

A security token is a tradable representation of the ownership of information of an investment product, recorded on a blockchain.

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